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Pub Philosophy

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Get ready for an exciting, mind-bending, thought-provoking evening! Join us every Thursday at the cozy, welcoming Hoxton Cabin for a thrilling live session of in-the-moment philosophy!

Celebrate Bryn Williams and Rick Lewis, the brilliant minds who first introduced this intellectual revolution in the late '90s.


Bring your questions, your creativity, and your inquisitive minds as we dive deep into a topic that we, together, will choose on the night. This is not your typical lecture or seminar. This is a lively, engaging, and interactive event where your participation truly matters!

Why Philosophy, you ask?

Philosophy is not just an academic pursuit. It's a way of thinking about the world, about life, about ourselves. It's about asking the big questions - those about ethics, thought, time, meaning, value, existence, reason, knowledge, mind, and language. It's about wrestling with the mysteries of the universe and our place in it.

In each meeting, we choose a question that only philosophy can address. From the familiar like "What is a good life?" or "How do we tell reality from illusion?" to the less familiar: "Does my dog love me?", "Is it okay to kill zombies?" The questions are decided together on the night from your suggestions. It all depends on YOU.

Our aim is not just to learn, but to understand. To understand ourselves, our world, and our place in it. To forge a better understanding of our own natures and our world together. But it's not all serious - we're also here to enjoy the excitement and stimulation of dancing with ideas. This is philosophy for philosophy's sake.


And the best part?

Dogs are welcome!🐶

Bring along your furry friends for a night of philosophical fun. And don't forget about the free popcorn! Enjoy a tasty treat while you engage in deep thought and lively discussion at the Hoxton Cabin

So, are you ready to join us? Are you ready to dive into the deep end of thought and discussion? Are you ready to challenge your mind and broaden your horizons?


Then don't wait! Join us downstairs at the Hoxton Cabin this Thursday! We can't wait to see you there! 

Let’s Work Together

500 Terry Francois Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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